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Documents and Presentations

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January 14, 2008


Topics covered below:

Introduction to the Program, Syllabi, and Confidentiality Agreement

Of course, some may ask why should they join this program?  So far, we can count between 15 and 20 intern offers or  job offers directly attributed to students meeting employers at Senior Design meetings and events.  This was only in the 2006-2007 school year.  Read more detail about what the program includes below:

Students will be required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.  Please print out two copies, fill out both and sign both.  We will hand one copy back to you after it is signed by the Office of Technology Transfer.

Resumes/Cover letters (SD-1)

You will be required to apply for the project that you have an interest.  The deadline will be at the beginning of the first semester of the program (Senior Design I).  Make sure you have a good resume and cover letter so you can convey your skills for your desired project.

Requirements and Capabilities (SD-1)

Project Planning (SD-1)

Project Financials (SD-1)

You will need to identify and document the financial expenditures for your project. 

Lab Notebooks

Project Status Reports (SD-1 and SD-2)

Project Final Reports (SD-1 and SD-2)

The final design is reviewed by your sponsor.  You need to include CAD drawings, schematics, Algorithms, and an MS Word document describing your design.  The technical drawings can be printed out from the applications.

Posters (SD-1 and SD-2)

You will participate in a poster presentation session at the end of the semester.  You will create a 40" by 30" poster and stand in front of it and discuss your design during an Expo at the end of the semester.

Peer Evaluations (SD-1 and SD-2)

Attached is a form for you to use to evaluate the other members of your Senior Design Group. Complete one form for each member of the group, excluding yourself. Completion and submission of this form is mandatory.

The specific deadlines for the completed forms are described on the web pages for your class.