Research Projects under Professor James M. Conrad

If you are interested in working with me, please read the following "Frequently Asked Questions".  (Under Construction).  Of note:  I WILL NOT select students for any of this work without seeing their skills in my Embedded Systems class.  If you are interested, you must be a currently enrolled UNC Charlotte Student who has completed at least 2 months of class work. NOTE:  As of fall 2014, Dr. Conrad will no longer accept MS Project students.

When you write reports, try to write everything using IEEE standards.  For final reports for classes, use the IEEE two column word file (Search the website for the latest version.)

MS Thesis and PhD Research Topics

  1. Inexpensive Autonomous Robotic Vehicle - the "Zapatabot":
  2. "Recyclebot" - an interactive vehicle that will roam around the football stadium encouraging people to recycle and collect recyclables. (This project is only funded for materials, NOT RA work):
  3. Design, assembly, and test of flying robotic vehicles (possible future funding)
  4. Wireless sensor networks of a lighting control unit (possible future funding)

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