Embedded Systems/Robotics Graduate Students (Conrad Research Team)

The following individuals are current or past students of Dr. James (Jim) Conrad (11 current and 129 past graduate students): 

Please note:  I have also worked with countless undergraduate students on Senior Design Projects. 

Current Ph.D. Students

  Karim Erian (Icon of PDF Resume) 2017-2019 Fulbright Scholar;  UNC Charlotte Graduate Teaching Fellow 2020-2021; ECE Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award 2021.

Area:  Embedded Systems and Robotics
Team:  Autonomous ATV (Team Lead)

Expected Graduation:  5/2022


Current M.S. Students - Thesis



Current M.S. Students - Project
Photo of Dylan Fendrich Dylan Fendrich  (Icon of PDF Resume)

Area: Machine Learning for Robotics

Expected Graduation:  8/2021


Current Undergraduate Research Students


Graduated PhD Students

  David Grabowsky: DoD SMART Scholar (2019-2021); ECE Outstanding Leadership Award Winner 2017; ECE Outstanding Graduate Student Award 2021.

Dissertation:  A BreadCrumb Network for Assisting with Autonomous Robot Localization ( dissertation) - 5/2021

Employment:  Army Research Office, Detroit, MI

  Benjamin Rhoades: ECE Department Outstanding Leadership Award 2016.

Dissertation:  A novel framework for integrating legacy vehicles into an intelligent transportation system   ( dissertation) - 5/2018.

Employment: National Air and Space Intelligence Center, Dayton, OH; Western Piedmont Community College, Morganton, NC

  Tyler Major:  ECE Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award 2017.

Dissertation:  A Novel Principal and Independent Component Analysis Preprocessing Technique for Neural Network Classification of Electroencephalography Signals for Brain Computer Interface Development  ( dissertation) - 5/2018.

Employment: Sealed Air, Charlotte, NC

Sam Shue:  Best Paper Award winner - Poster Division - IEEE SoutheastCon 2014; ECE Department Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award 2015; CNS Best Paper Award - 2016 Spring Simulation Multi-Conference; ECE Department Ben O. Hood Leadership Award 2016; UNC Charlotte Giles Fellowship 2016-2017, ECE Outstanding Graduate Student Award 2017.

Dissertation: Utilization of Wireless Signal Strength for Mobile Robot Localization in Indoor Environments ( dissertation) - 5/2017.

Employment: NLA Diagnostics, Charlotte, NC;  IAM Robotics, Pittsburgh, PA; UNC Charlotte, Charlotte, NC.

  Balasubramaniyan Chandrasekaran:  Provost's Doctoral Teaching Fellow 2016-2017.

Dissertation: A Selective Sensor Framework Using Sensor Fusion and Sensor Maps to Achieve Complete Coverage Planning of a Semi-Autonomous Robotic Vehicle ( dissertation) - 5/2017.

Employment: Assistant Professor, Florida Polytechnic University, Lakeland, FL

  Adam Harris (Website):  ECE Outstanding Graduate Student Award winner 2013; UNC Charlotte College of Engineering Siemens Teaching Fellow 2012-2013.

Dissertation:  Integration of the Simulation Environment for Autonomous Robots with Robotics Middleware ( dissertation) - 5/2014.

Employment:  Department Chair, Central Piedmont Community College, Engineering Technology Program.



Graduated M.S. Students - Thesis

Photo of Jacob Morgan  Jacob Morgan

Thesis title:  EKF Accelerometer Wheel Based Odometry - 5/2021

Employment:  TTI Floorcare, Charlotte, NC; MechaSpin, Lake Mary, FL

  Manu Chaudhary

Thesis title:  A Wireless Sensor Network Breadcrumb Trail for an Autonomous Vehicle ( thesis) - 7/2019

Employment:  Witricity, Watertown, MA

  Lauren Johnson: ECE Benjamin O. Hood Service Award 2015.

Thesis title:  Utilizing Image Segmentation for the Extraction of Heart Rate Variability in the Pursuit of Updating Mental Health Therapeutic Validity Processes( thesis) - 5/2019

Employment:  Pursuing PhD at Carneigie Mellon University.

  Sunny Arokia Swamy Bellary ( Personal Web site) ECE Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award 2018.

Thesis title:  Human-robot Cooperation using EEG signals with Self-learning ( thesis) - 5/2019

Employment:  Hitachi America Limited, Farmington Hills, MI; EPRI, Charlotte.

  Raj Gupta: UNC Charlotte 2019 Graduate Research Symposium, 2nd place, poster competition.

Thesis title:  Multi-Robot SLAM using particle filter ( thesis) - 5/2019

Employment:  Lucid Motors, Newark, CA.

  Karim Erian: 2017-2019 Fulbright Scholar

Thesis title:  System Integration over a CAN Bus for a Self-Controlled, Low-Cost Autonomous All-terrain Vehicle ( thesis) - 5/2019

Employment:  Pursuing a PhD at UNC Charlotte, expected May, 2022

Shantanu Mhapankar photo  Shantanu Mhapankar 

Thesis title:  A navigation system for low-cost autonomous all-terrain-vehicles ( thesis) - 5/2019

Employment:  Lucid Motors, Newark, CA

Jaydeep Kshirsagar  Jaydeep Kshirsagar 

Thesis title:  Implementation of Multi Robot Simultaneous Localization and Mapping ( thesis) - 7/2018

Employment:  Maxlinear, San Diego, CA

  David Grabowsky:  ECE Outstanding Leadership Award Winner 2017.

Thesis title: Utilizing orientation estimation from trilaterated poses over time to improve RO-EKF SLAM( thesis) - 7/2018

Pursuing a PhD at UNC Charlotte, expected May, 2021

  Mukul Anil Gosavi 

Thesis title: Functional Safety Model for E/E component of an Autonomous Vehicle ( thesis) - 6/2018

Employment:  Hughes Networks, Georgetown, MD

  Aishwarya Panchpor 

Thesis title: Implementation of path planning algorithms on a mobile robot in dynamic indoor environments ( thesis) - 5/2018

Employment:  3TC Robotics, York, PA.

  Samyak Shetty

Thesis title: Sensor Fusion Framework and Simulation on a TurtleBot Robotic Vehicle ( thesis) - 5/2018

Intern:  Halo, Charlotte, NC;  Oxit, Charlotte-area, NC
Employment:  Bedgear, Charlotte, NC; AMD, Austin, TX.

  Shruti Gangadhar 

Thesis title: Sensor Fusion Framework and Simulation on a TurtleBot Robotic Vehicle ( thesis) - 5/2017

Employment:  TBD

  Chris Wesley  

Thesis title: Design of a Vision-based Control System for Quadrotor Swarm Autonomy ( thesis) - 6/2015

Employment: TRU Simulation + Training, Summerville, SC; MIT Lincoln Labs, MA.

  Tyler Major 

Thesis title: Developing a Brain Computer Interface Control System for Robotic Movement in Two Dimensions ( thesis) - 12/2014

Completed a Ph.D. at UNC Charlotte May, 2018.

Steve Erdmanczyk  

Thesis title: Adaptive Deployment of Mobile Sensor Nodes ( thesis) - 12/2013.

Employment:  XPIENT Solutions, Charlotte, NC; Disney Interactive, Seattle, CA.

Vasanthsekar Shekar

Thesis:  Lab on a Chip: Portable Microfluidic System ( thesis)  (joint advisor:  Dr. Srinivas Akella, Computer Science) - 5/2012.

Employment:  Cypress, Minneapolis, MN.
Suraj Swami  ( website)

Area of Interest: Embedded Systems, Robotics.

Thesis title: Temperature, Strain and Acoustic Emission Monitoring of a Natural Boulder Exposed to the Sun: a Test of the Efficacy of Insolation on Physical Weathering ( thesis) - 8/2011. (joint advisors:  Dr. Kimberly Warren, Civil Engineering; Dr. Martha Eppes, Geology & Earth Sciences)

Employment:  Qualcomm, San Diego, CA

Onkar Raut  (website)

Thesis title: Shape Recognition for Plane Closed Curves Using Error Model of an Elliptical Fit and Fourier Descriptors ( thesis) - 8/2011.

Employment: BNS Solutions, Boston, MA; Renesas, Durham, NC & Bay Area, CA.

Sunil Kumar Gurram 

Thesis title:  Implementation of Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus in an Autonomous All-Terrain Vehicle ( thesis) - 8/2011.

Employment: Qualcomm, San Diego, CA

  Adam Harris (Website)

Thesis title:  Design and Implementation of an Autonomous Robotics Simulator ( thesis) - 5/2011

Completed a PhD at UNC Charlotte May, 2014

Siddharth Ahuja

Thesis title:  System Design and Software Architecture of a Differential Global Positioning System for an Autonomous All-Terrain-Vehicle ( thesis) - 8/2009

Employment:  Tyco Electronics, Lynchburg, VA; Electronics, India
Sharayu Ghangrekar

Thesis title:  A Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm for an Autonomous Robotic Vehicle ( thesis, programs) - 5/2009

Employment:  Anuva Innovations, RTP, NC
Chaitanya Misal

Thesis title: Analysis of Power Consumption of an End Device in a ZigBee Mesh Network ( thesis) - 12/2007

Internship:  Digi, Boston, MA; Lester Electrical, Lincoln, NE
Employment:  IPG Photonics, Boston; The MathWorks, Boston

Nick Wieder 

Thesis title: System-On-Programmable-Chip Design Using a Unified Development Environment ( thesis) - 5/2007

Internship:  General Dynamics, Charlotte, NC
Employment:  Chemring Detection Systems (formerly General Dynamics), Charlotte, NC

Sonia Thakur

Thesis title: Embedded Linux Platform to Collect, Analyze and Store Critical Data for the Navigation of an Autonomous Vehicle ( thesis) - 12/2006

Internship:  GE Energy, Melbourne, FL
Employment: Hughes Networks, Germantown, MD

Sandeep Sirpatil

Thesis title: Implementation of IEEE 802.15.4 Protocol Stack For Linux ( thesis)  - 11/2006

Employment: Vector Controls, Inc., Newton, MA; Tesla Motors, Bay Area, CA

Ishfan Vakil

Thesis title: Using Optical Communications with Embedded Systems ( thesis) - 11/2006

Internship:  Qualcomm, San Diego, CA
Employment: Texas Instruments, San Diego, CA; Broadcom, Inc., San Diego, CA

Gajendra Singh

Thesis title: Development of Multithreaded Real-time Data Acquisition Solutions ( thesis, programs) - 8/2006

Employment: Handheld Devices, (now Honeywell) Rock Hill, SC; Qualcomm, San Diego, CA.

Rajan Rai

Thesis title: IEEE 802.15.4 Protocol Implementation and Measurement of Current Consumption ( thesis) - 4/2006

Internship:  Nivis, LLC (Wireless), Atlanta, GA
Employment: Ingenient Technologies, Inc, Baltimore, MD

Assad Ansari

Thesis title: Hardware Development of an Embedded Wireless Evaluation Board ( thesis) - 11/2005

Internship:  Nivis, LLC (Wireless), Atlanta, GA
Employment: ADS Inc, Columbia, MD; GE Inspection Technologies, State College, PA; Qualcomm.

Murari Raghavan

Thesis title: Testing Of A New Wireless Embedded Board ( thesis)  - 11/2005

Employment: Lowes Hardware (IT Center, Headquarters), Wilksboro, NC; Microsoft, Seattle, WA (contractor), Incomm Technologies, Atlanta, GA

Binada Ramachandran, MSCSE, U of Arkansas

Thesis title:  Parallel Lookahead Procedures with Respect to Constraint Satisfaction Problems - 12/1995

Employment: Doble Engineering, Boston, MA.


Krishnamurthy Ramalingham, MSCSE, U of Arkansas

Thesis title:  Comparative Study of the NQueens Problem Using Multiple Parallel Architectures - 10/1995

Employment: Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, India


Jerry Mathew, MSCSE, U of Arkansas

Thesis title: Parallel Search Algorithms for Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems - 12/1993

Employment: Fedex, Memphis, TN; Fidelity Investments, RI, Raleigh, NC

Graduated M.S. Students - Project

  Gokull Mathavan 

Area:  Robotics - 12/2018

Internship:  Duke Energy, Charlotte, NC
Employment:  Northrop Grumman SYNOPTICS, Charlotte, NC

  Jefferson Cooper

Area:  Robotics - 12/2018

Internship:  Trutegra, Charlotte, NC
Employment:  Trutegra, Charlotte, NC

Jeremy Sabo: Outstanding ECE Department UG Teaching Assistant Award 2014; ECE Department Outstanding Leadership Award 2015.

Robot Localization - 5/2017

Internship:  Trutegra, Charlotte, NC
Employment:  Trutegra, Charlotte, NC; Sensus, RTP, NC, IAM Robotics, Pittsburgh, PA.

Rahul Patil

Area:  Embedded Systems and Robotics - Wireless Localization - 5/2017

Internship: Halo Smart Labs, Charlotte, NC
Employment: Halo Smart Labs, Charlotte, NC; Apple, Inc., Cupertino, CA.

Vivek Margapuri  Vivek Margapuri 

Area:  Embedded Systems and Robotics - Wireless Localization - 5/2017

Employment:  Redmorph, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

  Chinmay Admane

ZapataBot - 5/2016

Internship: Sapphire Technical Solutions, Pineville, NC
Employment:  Halla Mechatronics, Saginaw, MI

  Pallavi Mahendra Avle 

ZapataBot- 5/2016

Internship: Lattice Semiconductor, San Jose, CA
Employment:  Acuity Brands, GA; sonnen, Inc.,

  Tejas Ashok Badgujar 

Landmark Detection and Association for SLAM Implementation on Robot Operating System - 5/2016

Internship:  Global Power Products, GA
Employment: Global Power Products, GA

  Vedhas Deshpande 

Multi-threaded Piconet ZigBee Infrastructure to Vehicle Communication Algorithm - 5/2016

Internship: SonaCare Medical, Charlotte, NC
Employment:  Hughes Networks, Germantown, MD; Rockwell Collins Aerospace, Portland, OR.

  Abhimanyu Dhone

Embedded Systems and Robotics - 5/2016

Internship: Sealed Air Diversey Care, Charlotte, NC
Employment: Sealed Air Diversey Care R&D, Charlotte, NC

  Saili Ghavat 

RASNAC Algorithm for Corner Detection - 5/2016

Employment: Sealed Air Corporation, Charlotte, NC; Electrolux, Charlotte, NC.

  Prasad V. Iyengar 

Building and Implementing a Full-Scale Upper Torso and Cranial Humanoid Robot (InMoov) - 5/2016

Employment:  Hughes Networks, Germantown, MD

  Vinit Katariya 

Embedded Systems and Robotics - 5/2016

Internship: Sears Holdings, Chicago, IL (embedded products)
Employment: Sears Holdings, Chicago, IL (embedded products); Pi2 Technologies, Detroit, MI.  Puruing a PhD at UNC Charlotte.

  Sanjay Krishna Katragadda 

A Survey on Robot Localization in Extraterrestrial Environments - 5/2016.

Employment:  Wells Fargo, Sioux Falls, SD

  Sandesh Kesarla Nagaraja Gupta

Localization of a Robot Using Computer Vision - 5/2016.

Employment: Dish Network, Denver, CO

  Pranay Kona 

Embedded Systems and Robotics - 5/2016

Internship:  Cayuga Networks, Ithica, NY
Employment:  Cayuga Networks, Ithica, NY; Uber Advanced Technologies Group, San Francisco, CA

  Gautam Korikar 

Localization of Extraterrestrial Robot using Camera and LiDAR - 5/2016.

Employment:  Vision Metering LLC, York, SC; Dish Network, Denver, CO.

  Aniket Marathe

Valve Measurements System - 5/2016

Internship: Entomology Technology, Inc., Belington, WV.
Employment:  Landis & Gyr, Alpharetta, GA

  Balaji Masanamuthu Chinnathurai 

Communication Interface for Recyclebot using ZigBee - 5/2016

Internship:  EchoStar, Atlanta, GA
Employment:  Intel, Hillsboro, OR

  Ramakrishnan Sivakumar 

Design and Implementation of a Semi-Autonomous Waste Segregation Robot (Recyclebot) - 5/2016

Internship:  Intel, Hillsboro, OR
Employment:  Intel, Hillsboro, OR

  Disha Srivastava 

Design and Development of a Standard ROS enabled All-Terrain Vehicle - 5/2016

Employment:  Nexteer Automotive, Troy, MI

  Vivek Thakkar 

Implementation of an x86 based JOS kernel - 5/2016

Employment:  Atlas Copco, Rock Hill, SC

  Dhairya Gala 

An Embedded System for Sensing Valve Characteristics - 12/2015

Employment:  SK Hynix Memory Solutions, San Jose, CA

  Nikila Narayanan 

Frontier Exploration in Robotic Operating System (ROS) - 12/2015

Internship:  Bank of America, Charlotte.  Employment:  Bank of America, Charlotte.

  Stalen Rumao 

Wireless Localization - 12/2015

Employment:  ITRON, West Union, SC (near Greenville)

  Sushuruth Sadagopan 

RecycleBot - 12/2015

Internship:  Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA. 
Employment: Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA.

  Binesh Asok Kumar 

RecycleBot - Motor Control - 6/2015

Employment:  Atom Engineering, Charlotte, NC.

Nitish Kale 

Recycle Bot: Trash Separation using Image Processing Algorithms - 5/2015

Employment: ASML (semiconductors), CT;  Omron Automotive Electronics, IL; Delphi Technologies, Kokomo, IN.

  Jeeten Handu 

Quadrotor Swarming Robots - Motion Tracking User Interface - 5/2015

Employment: ITRON, Clemson, SC; Analog Devices, Boston.

  Priyank Pandya

Implementation of LiDAR for Obstacle Detection - 5/2015

Employment: Intel, Longmont, CO

  Aniket Nigudkar 

Quadrotor Flight Stability - 5/2015

Employment: Scalable Systems Research Labs Inc. (Pacifica, CA); CRON Systems (India); Microchip Technology Inc., Chennai, India

  Swapnesh Shinde

Stabilization and Wireless control of a Quadcopter using XBee ZigBee - 5/2015

Employment: Omron Automotive Electronics (EASi LLC), St. Charles, IL; Nidec Mobility America Corporation, Chicago area, IL

  Srinivas Arnepalli

Altitude Hold Using Sonar for a Quadcopter Using Crius All-in-one Pro v2 - 5/2015

Employment:   The Hershey Company, Hershey, PA; Stanford University; Groundtruth, Mountain View, CA.

  Tanmay Sane 

Wireless Communications in Embedded Systems - 12/2014

Employment:  Caterpillar, Peoria, IL; Acuity Brands, Decatur, GA

  Dharmik Mehta

RecycleBot: Hardware and Software Implementation of Drivetrain and its Integration with a Navigation System - 12/2014.

Internship:  Troxler Laboratories, Durham, NC
Employment: Cognita Labs, Huston, TX

  Vastal Soni 

RecycleBot: Hardware and Software Implementation of Drivetrain and its Integration with a Navigation System - 12/2014.

Employment:  Samsung, San Jose, CA

Saketh Simha Kosanam

Embedded Systems and Quadrotor Robotics - 12/2014

Employment:  Silicon Valley Robotics, CA

  Amogh Gokhale 

RecycleBot: Human Machine Interface - 6/2014

Employment: American Megatrends, Inc (Norcross, GA)

  Sultana Alimi: ECE Dept. Outstanding Student Leadership Award 2012; Best Paper Award winner - Poster Division - SoutheastCon 2014

Design and Implementation of an Open-Source Wireless Sensor Network Development Platform - 5/2014

Employment: Sogeti, Charlotte, NC; General Dynamics, Boston, MA; Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems, Melbourne, FL.

  Kunal Bagewadi

RecycleBot: Software Implementation of Drivetrain and its Integration with a Navigation System - 5/2014.

Internship:  AMD, Austin, TX
Employment: American Megatrends, Inc (Norcross, GA), Global Power Products.

  Aditya Bahulekar

RecycleBot: A Path Planning Algorithm using a GPS Receiver and Digital Compass - 5/2014

Employment: Troxler Laboratories, Durham, NC; Hughes Network Systems, Germantown, MD

  Pranav Deopurkar 

RecycleBot: Trash Bin Actuation and Separation Mechanism - 5/2014

Employment: Enphase Energy, Bay Area, CA

  Akshay Deshpande

RecycleBot: Sorting Recyclable Waste by Image Processing Techniques - 5/2014

Employment: KPIT Infosystems Inc., Columbus, IN; ZF Group, MI.

  Rohan Lele 

RecycleBot: Power Supply Distribution and Drive Train Design - 5/2014

Employment: Corventis, St. Paul, MN; Medtronic, MN; Fresenius Medical Care North America, Concord CA.

  Venkatrama Papashastry Manjunath 

RecycleBot: Object Recognition to Distinguish Between Recyclable and Non-recyclable Trash - 5/2014

Employment: TBD

Sam Shue: Best Paper Award winner - Poster Division - SoutheastCon 2014

  Development of a Portable XBee C Library and RSSI Triangulation Localization Framework - 5/2014

Completed a Ph.D. at UNC Charlotte May, 2017

  Mayuka Srinivasan 

Control of Autonomous Flight of a Quadcopter using the Crius All-In-One Pro V2 - 5/2014

Employment: Sunman Engineering, Inc., San Jose, CA; Caterpillar

Yevgeny Fridlyand

  Education Materials for Embedded Systems - 12/2013

Employment:  Defense Contractor, Atlanta, GA; Wells Fargo, Charlotte, NC

  Cory Engel

  Quadrotor Swarm Applications - 12/2013

Employment: NexJen Systems, Charlotte, NC

  Josh Henderson

  Zapatabot Remote Controlled All-terrain Vehicle (ATV) - 12/2013

Employment: Scott Safety/Tyco, Monroe, NC; Integro Technologies (Vision/Robotics), Salisbury, NC.

  Robin Davidsson

  RecycleBot: Designing and Building a Interactive Recycling Robot - 12/2013

Employment: Lear Corporation, Coventry, UK; Abborre Limited, UK.

Sravankumar Reddy Kambam

  GPS Location and Path Planning of RecycleBot - 12/2013

Employment:  TBD

Abhiram Reddy Gandhari 

  Motor Control of RecycleBot - 12/2013

Employment:  TBD

Srujan Maram 

  Dynamic Brightness Control and VLC System Using High Power LED - 8/2013

Employment:  Nexteer Automotive, Saginaw, MI; Analogics Tech India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, India.

Shweta Gupte

Project Title:    Complete Coverage Path Planning of Autonomous Robot - 5/2013

Intern:  CoroWare, Charlotte, NC
Employment: The Mathworks, Boston, MA
  Keith Hunter 

  Visible Light Communication Using a Digital Camera and an LED Flashlight - 5/2013

Employment: Duke Energy, Charlotte, NC; BMW Group, Greenville, SC.
Riju Kuruvila 

 Directed RRT Implementation on Car-like Robots - 5/2013

Employment: Dematic (robotics), Charlotte, NC

Craig Pavlich 

  Embedded Systems in Automotive Controls - 12/2012

Employment:  Jacobsen Textron, Charlotte, NC; Argonne National Lab, IL.,

  Jeff Skelnik 

  Integration of a Java-based Roomba Robot Simulator with an external software service - 6/2012

Employment: Ibiquity Digital, Columbia, MD; US Army, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Walter Barfield

  Embedded Control using LabVIEW - 5/2012

Employment: NexJen Systems, Charlotte, NC.

John Cortner

  Autonomous ATV Steering - 12/2011

Employment:  Excide Technologies, Atlanta (Milton), GA

Vikram Gill

Project Title:    Robotics Simulation and Control - 12/2011

Employment:  Seagate, Minneapolis, MN
Paul Mohan Das

Project Title:    Controls and Embedded Systems, Avionics - 12/2011

Internship: Automotive Robotics, Inc. Stanford, NC
Employment:  The Mathworks, Boston, MA;  WiTricity, Watertown, MA.
Archana Subramanian

Project Title:    ADCs/DACs and Audio Data on Renesas Microcontrollers - 5/2011

Employment:  NetApp, Boulder, CO
Aswin Ramakrishnan

Project Title:    Analysis of Floating Point Operations in Microcontrollers - 12/2010

Internship:  Parsons Brinckerhoff, Denver, CO
Employment:  Parsons Brinckerhoff, Denver, CO
Suganya Jebasingh

Project Title:    Throughput of Sensor Fusion Using Renesas RX62N and QSK62P Plus Microcontrollers - 12/2010

Employment:  Intel, Santa Clara, CA
Jerry Zacharias

Project Title:  Environmental Monitoring with Sensors for Autonomous Vehicles - 8/2010

Internship:  IBM, Charlotte, NC; Hersey Meters, Charlotte, NC
Employment: Hersey Meters, Charlotte.

"                     "
Balasubramaniyan Chandrasekaran

Project Title:    Path Calculation and Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm for an Autonomous Robotic Vehicle - 5/2010

Completed a Ph.D. at UNC Charlotte, May 2017.
Amit Kumar

Project Title:   Restaurant Paging System (Embedded Systems) - 12/2009

Employment: Nexxus Lighting, Charlotte, NC
Malcolm Zapata

Project Title:    Autonomous ATV controls and obstacle avoidance - 12/2009

Internship:  Zapata Engineering, Charlotte, NC
Employment:  Charlotte Medical Center Imaging, Charlotte; Pursuing PhD in Bioinformatics at UNC Charlotte
  Kailash Toshniwal

Project Title:    An Interrupt-based, Web-interfaced Embedded Monitoring Application in Linux for an Autonomous ATV - 12/2009

Employment:  Airbiquity, Seattle, WA; Orasys LLC, Boston, MA
Richard McKinney (website)

Project Title:    Components of an Autonomous ATVs (Robotics and Embedded Systems) - 5/2009

Internship:  Handheld Devices, Rock Hill, SC
Current Employment:  AREVA, Charlotte, NC;
Keyper, Charlotte, NC.
Anagha Basole

  Project Title: Wireless Communication between Autonomous Vehicles - 12/2008

Employment: Sperian Protection Instrumentation, LLC (Middleton, CT)

Shrenik Mehta

Project Title:    Line Extraction using LIDAR - 12/2008

Employment: Austin International, Inc., York, SC
Praneeth Bajjuri 

 Power Measurements of Embedded Wireless Systems - 12/2007

Internship:  Qualcomm, San Diego, CA
Employment:  Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX

Sravanthi Chalasani 

 Energy Harvesting for Embedded Systems - 12/2007
Paper:  Sravanthi Chalasani and James M. Conrad, hyperlink icon "A Survey of Energy Harvesting Sources," Proceedings of the IEEE SoutheastCon, Huntsville, AL, April 2008, pp. 442-447.

Internship:  Mentor Graphics, OR
Employment:  Mentor Graphics, OR; Elreha Controls, FL

Santhosh Ramani

  Power Measurements of Embedded Wireless Systems - 12/2007

  Embedded System design, Embedded Controls, Automation and Robotics.

Internship:  Sapphire Technical Solutions, Charlotte, NC
Employment:  MicroBlade, Inc, Madison, WI

Ashwin Subramaniam

  Power Measurements of Embedded Wireless Systems - 12/2007

Employment:  Qualcomm, San Diego, CA

Gurunath Athalye

 Educational Board for Stepper Motor Interface - 8/2007

Internship:  Handheld Devices, Rock Hill, SC
Employment:  Qualcomm, San Diego, CA; Motorola Mobility, Pune, India

Srilekha Chitti

 Performance Analysis of an RTOS - 8/2007

Internship:  Bellsouth, Raleigh, NC
Employment:  Maryland State Department of Education, Baltimore

Priyanka Krishna

Project Title:   Performance Analysis of an RTOS  - 8/2007

Internship:  Bellsouth; T-Mobile
Employment:  State of Michigan-Bridges Project
Sushant Sengupta

 A Wireless Strain Gauge Measurement System - 5/2007

Internship:  Nokia, San Diego, CA
Employment:  Verizon, Cedar Rapids, IA

Christina Warren

 Embedded Systems Micro File System - 5/2007

Internship:  Texas Instruments, San Diego, CA
Employment:  Texas Instruments, San Diego, CA

Pinank Mahesh Shah

Project title: A Wireless Strain Gauge Measurement System - 5/2007

Internship:  Wachovia, Charlotte, NC;  Family Dollar (IT, Headquarters), Charlotte, NC
Employment:  Family Dollar, Charlotte, NC;  Lowes Companies, Inc., Mooresville, NC.

Asma Khizer

 USB Solutions for Small Embedded System Applications - 3/2007

Employment:  Embedded Systems and Software, Inc.  (Peoria, IL)

Venkat Dronamraju

Project title: Educational Board for Stepper Motor Interface - 12/2006

Employment: Handheld Devices (Now Honeywell), Rock Hill, SC

Ritesh Savla

Project title: A Wireless Strain Gauge Measurement System - 12/2006

Internship:  Wachovia, Charlotte, NC
Employment: Evergreen Associates (Wachovia), Charlotte, NC, now Wells Capital Management, Menomonee Falls, WI

Michael with Mythical TV personalities

Michael Thomas

Project title: DSP algorithms on a microcontroller - 8/2006

Employment: Renesas, Durham, NC

Guru Mysore

Project title: Embedded Linux - 8/2006

Employment: Logitech, San Jose, CA; Flextronics, San Jose, CA.; Apple, Inc., Cupertino, CA

Aarthi Balan

Project title: Software Development Processes - 5/2006

Employment: Bell Labs, Murray Hills, NJ

Tej With Jack Ganssle

Tejaswini Gadicherla

Project title: Communication Between a Zigbee Board and Renesas MSV30262-SKP Board Using I2C - 5/2006

Employment: SSI Embedded Systems Programming, Chicago, IL

Nagalakshmi Kurnella

Project title: Wireless Communications between Stiquito Robots - 4/2006

Employment: Motorola, EMC (Boston, MA)

Brian Newberry

Project title: Data Storage Solution for Digital Signal Processors - 12/2005

Internship:  Nekton Research, Durham, NC
Employment: iRobot (formerly Nekton Research), Durham, NC; Zoetis, Durham, NC; Panaceutics Inc., RTP.

Arthi Varadarajan

Project title: Porting a Real-time Operating System to the ATmega 128L - 12/2005

Employment: Microsoft, EagleView, 3Sharp (Redmond, WA)

William Snyder

Project title: USB2.0 Communications - 5/2005

Internship:  Duke Energy, Charlotte, NC
Employment: unknown

George Sandler

Project title: A High-Precision Coulomb Counter Circuit ( Report) - 8/2004

Employment: Austin International, Inc., York, SC

Venkateswara R. Chitturi, MSCSE, U of Arkansas

Project title: Success of an Institute on Engineering and Technology Institute for Secondary School Teachers ( Report) - 8/1995

Employment: Entreprenuer, India


Graduated Undergraduate Research Students


David Grabowsky: ECE Outstanding Leadership Award Winner 2017

Area:  Embedded Systems and Robotics
Team:  Wireless Localization

Graduated:  5/2017
Pursuing MS in Electrical Engineering, UNC Charlotte

  Walden Saldana-Montavon 

Area:  Robot Localization

Graduated:  5/2017


Lauren Johnson:  Benjamin O. Hood Service Award

Area:  Robot Localization

Graduated:  12/2016
Pursuing MS in Electrical Engineering, UNC Charlotte

  Michael Lackey 

Area:  Mechanical design and robotics; Team Recyclebot

Graduated:  8/2016
Employment:  Integro Technologies Corp. Vision Integrators, Salisbury, NC

Stuart Gambill

Area:  Mechanical design and robotics; Team Recyclebot

Graduated:  5/2016
Pursuing MS in Mechanical Engineering, UNC Charlotte

Jeremy Sabo: 2014 Outstanding ECE UG Teaching Assistant Award winner, 2015 Outstanding Leadership Award Winner

Area:  Robotics;  Charlotte Area Robotics Club Chair; ENGR1202 TA

Graduated:  5/2015
Employment: Trutegra, Charlotte, TBD.

  Kaitlin Zarcone 

Area:  Sensors and Robotics for Space Exploration

Graduated:  5/2015
Employment: Duke Energy, Charlotte, NC

  Marcos Brenes 

Area:  Computer Engineering; Team Quadrotor; ENGR1202 TA

Graduated:  5/2015

  Matt Heintz

Area:  Mechanical design and enclosures; Team Recyclebot

Graduated:  5/2015

  Audrow Nash ( Personal Website) - 2014 Outstanding ECE UG Research Assistant Award winner, NSF Research Fellow

Area:  Quadcopters, Robotics; Team Quadrotor
Graduated:  12/2014
Employment:  senseFly (Europe).  Pursuing an MS at U of Mich. Will pursue a PhD at Univ. of Souther California starting fall 2018.

  Aaron McClure 

Area:  Robot Mechanical Engineering

Graduated:  December 2013
Employment:  Mechanical Engineering, Charlotte, NC

John Wilkes 

Area:  LabVIEW and Robot Control

Graduated:  May 2011
Employment:  Intern, NexJen Systems, Charlotte, NC.

Jesse Bikman 

Area:  Machine Vision and Control

Graduated:  May 2011
Employment:  Pursuing MS in Marine Science, UNC Chapel Hill

Kristen Reband

Area:  Stiquito and Embedded Systems

Graduated:  May 2008
Employment:  Huntsville, AL

Malcolm Zapata

Area:  Robotics

Internship:  Zapata Engineering, Charlotte, NC
Graduated:  BS:  December 2007, MS: December 2009
Employment:  CMC Imaging, Charlotte.  Pursuing PhD in Bioinformatics, UNC Charlotte.
Mark Ford

Area:  Embedded Systems

Graduated:  December 2007
Employment:  Thorlo, Inc., Statesville, NC

Melinda Ammerman

Area:  Stiquito and Embedded Systems

Internship:  UVA, Blacksburg, VA
Graduated:  May 2007
Employment:  GE Power & Water, Simpsonville, SC

Jerry Zacharias

Area:  Embedded Systems, DSP

Internship:  IBM, Charlotte, NC
Graduated:  BS:  December 2006, MS:  summer 2010
Employment:  Hersey Meters, Charlotte, NC.

Andrew McClain

Area:  Robotics

Graduated:  May 2005
Employment:  Michelin, Charlotte, NC

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