UNC- Charlotte ECGR4892/6185/8185

Advanced Embedded Systems-Spring 2005

Lecture, 2:30-3:50 PM, MW, Kennedy 229

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April 25, 2005


Week of Monday April 18, 2004
  • Turn in all lab materials (stepper motors, chips, MSP430 boards, cables) to Professor Conrad immediately.



Week of Monday April 18, 2004
  • Class will start on Wednesday at 3:15 so that we may all attend the IEEE Meeting in CARC 101.
  • Lab 5 is posted.  Due Monday, May 9, noon.
  • See the new notes posted.


Week of Monday April 11, 2004
  • Lab 5 will be posted on Wednesday.
  • The midterm effort is Friday, April 15, 1:00 in our lab.  Practice the exercises.  Here is the code.
  • Turn in all lab materials (stepper motors, chips, MSP430 boards, cables) to Professor Conrad on Monday, 4/18.
  • See the new notes posted.


Week of Monday April 4, 2004
  • See the new notes posted.


Week of Monday March 28, 2004
  • Readings for 4/4 and 4/6 have been identified.
  • For Wednesday, 3/30 class, go to Smith 347.
  • Lab 4 is posted, and includes doing Round-Robin on the MSP430.
  • Several of you are doing the Midterm on Thursday, 9:30 in Smith 347.


Week of Monday March 21, 2004
  • Lab 4 will be posted on Tuesday.
  • We will discuss more Wearable Computers on Wednesday.


Week of Monday March 14, 2004
  • We will discuss the articles of Circuit Cellar Ink on Monday.
  • We will discuss the Wearable Computers articles sent in an email on Wednesday.


Week of Monday February 28, 2004
  • Extra credit opportunity:  Dr. Conrad will give talks at two Barnes and Noble stores on Stiquito.  These are on Wednesday, 3/2 at the Arboretum store (3327 Pineville-Matthews Road) and Thursday, 3/3 at the Huntersville Store (Birkdale, I77 exit 25).  10 points will be given.
  • Turn in your chapter with your review notes (hard copy).  Write your name on them.  They will be returned.
  • The 2/28 class is on motors.  Please read the notes/readings.
  • Lab 3 is now posted.
  • Instead of a Midterm exam, you will mentor a Mechanical Engineering Student on using an Integrated Development Environment.  More detail in a few days.


Week of Monday February 21, 2004


Week of Monday February 14, 2004
  • The February 14 class will be devoted to the lab.  We will meet in the lab.


Week of Monday February 7, 2004
  • No new announcements.


Week of Monday January 31, 2004
  • The midterm exam will be February 28.
  • The project proposal is due February 14, the first progress report is due April 4, and the final project is due May 9.
  • The articles for the next class are posted.  Please read and be prepared to discuss (and be quizzed?) during the next class, Monday 2/7.
  • You received a copy of Circuit Cellar Ink Magazine.  Read the Zigbee article, as well as the other two on the notes page.
  • Lab 2 is posted - extended to February 14.  Parts were distributed 1/31.


Week of Monday January 24, 2004
  • There is a reading for Monday's class - it has been sent to you via email.  Please do not share it with others.  You can find a copy in the lab as well.
  • Lab 2 is posted
  • The TAs office hours are posted.


Week of Monday January 17, 2004
  • The first lab will be posted on the morning of 1/19/05.  It will involve:
    • Obtaining a development board, programming cable, and chapter handout from me
    • Soldering several headers to the board
    • Loading the TI MSP430 development environment tool on PCs in Smith 347
    • Downloading code to the board to flash LEDs at a different rate
    • The Lab is posted
  • To prepare, you need to select a lab partner for the semester.  You should also obtain the TI MSP430 tool from the TI website and put it on a USB thumb drive so you can load it on a machine on Wednesday.  Wednesday will be a "lab day" - meet in Smith 347 to select a machine to be your "home" for the rest of the semester.
  • Instructions for downloading the TI430 Tools and Programming the Stiquito board
  • Visit the Stiquito Controlled site for pointers to the TI website and information about the Stiquito Controlled board.
Week of Monday January 10, 2004
  • Welcome to ECE 4892/6185/8185!  The first day of class is Monday, January 10, 2004
  • This class will be based heavily on the web pages.  For example:
  • Due to the university holiday, there is no class on Monday, January 17.

Niners Research Across the Disciplines”- 5th Annual Graduate Research Fair 

This event is sponsored by the GPSG (Graduate and Professional Student Government).  It is an opportunity for Graduate students to share their work.  There will be cash awards given to the top three presenters in 3 to 4 categories.  The categories will be determined after the call for papers has been answered.  This announcement is being sent to Graduate Faculty and Students so that you may start thinking about participating in the Research Fair.  We need faculty to serve as judges and students to apply to present!