UNC- Charlotte ECGR4892/6090/8090

Advanced Embedded Systems-Spring 2004

Lecture, 3:30-4:50 PM, TR, Smith 202

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May 4, 2004



Practical Final Exam, Due by Friday, May 14, 2004, 12:00 noon!!!!!!
  • Assignment (pdf file) is available.  You must demo this AND return the Bluetooth module.
  • This is to be done on your own with no assistance from anyone.
  • No solution will be available


Lab 6,  Due April 27, 2004, BEGINNING OF CLASS!!!!
  • Assignment (pdf file) is available.
  • Lab 6 requires use of a mixed signal scope - there is only one available for our use, and it will be here for a short time.  Check out this Agilent document for instrument help


Lab 5,  Due April 20, 2004, BEGINNING OF CLASS!!!!
  • Assignment (pdf file) is available.
  • Make sure to pick up supplies from the TA office (stepper motor, ULN driver).


Lab 4,  Due April 13, 2004, BEGINNING OF CLASS!!!!
  • Assignment (pdf file) is available.
  • From Mark Ford:  You can orient the ADXL board perpendicular as outlined in the lab specs. The one thing you have to account for though is that one of the axis values will then be phase shifted by pi/2. So, both readings will then need to use sin(ang) as opposed to sin(ang) and cos(ang).  Question:  How can we compute sin and cosine values without using floating point numbers? The specs state to only use integer values, but I do not see how we can do this.  Dr. C replies:  Since I say that the angle is always 30 degrees or 0 degrees, you can just pre-load Sin 30 or Cos 30. When you do the computations, just "normalize" everything to "thousandths". 


Lab 3,  Due March 23, 2004, BEGINNING OF CLASS!!!! (new date)
  • Assignment (pdf file) is available (minor changes made).  However, for the extension, you must show me your progress during class time on March 18.
  • If you remember the "trick" from the test on adding an extra bit when communicating - you may need to use it to get IR working.  This is now allowed for this lab.



Lab 2,  Due February 27, 2004 or March 1, 2004, BEGINNING OF CLASS!!!!



Lab 1,  Due February 17, 2004, BEGINNING OF CLASS!!!!