Drew Skau

Personal information
Name:Drew Skau
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For five years of my academic career (2003-2008) I was an architecture student. Architectural training is intensely visual and for these studies I have always chosen digital tools and representation methods. For many of my projects, an integral part of the design process was extracting information related to the project and creating a built form based on that information. The current tools that architects have at their disposal are poorly suited for integrating data with the spatial and visual nature of their work. Topics from architecture, sustainable issues, and computer science have all converged into a visualization interest for me. I hope to continue this convergence and refine it with extended studies into visualization.
2009 - (current)Pursuing Ph.D. Computer Science, Department of Computer Science, Charlotte Visualization Center, Charlotte, NC
2007 - 2008Bachelor of Architecture, UNCC College of Architecture, Charlotte, NC
2003 - 2007Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, UNCC College of Architecture, Charlotte, NC
Skills and Experience
Professional Experience
2007 - (current) Research Assistant, Daylighting + Energy Performance Laboratory, UNCC CoA+A
  • Daylighting Analysis Work
  • Digital and Physical Modeling
  • Data Collection
  • Report Compilation
  • Tools and Systems Development
  • 2003 - 2005 Architecture Internship, Mercer + Tye Architecture, High Point, NC
  • Architectural Drawing
  • Catalog and Archive Systems
  • Webpage Design
  • Software Proficiency
    Programming Languages/Libraries: Java, C++, Quartz Composer, OpenGL through C++ GLUT, Java Prefuse
    Graphics and Layout:Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, GIMP, LaTeX
    3D Modelers/Rendering Suites:Google SketchUp, Rhinoceros, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Digital Project, Radiance, Bryce, AutoCAD
    Building Energy Modeling:Daysim, eQUEST, Ecotect
    Personal Interests
    Digital Things
    New Media Performance I have been involved in three opera performances that incorporate real-time visualizations and digital media. I am currently involved in planning a production of the Last of the Formicans with the UNCC Theater Department.
    Parametric Design and Digital Fabrication Throughout my architectural education digital fabrication was a focus for me. I used digital fabrication heavily in my architecture projects and still use it in side projects I work on. I am always interested in new digital fabrication methods.
    Sporting Activities
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Disc Golf
  • Biking
  • Kayaking