Alzheimer Association Grant and related projects
Alzheimer Discourse Study Group/Affiliated Faculty
Boyd Davis, Dena Shenk, Linda Moore, Cynthia Hancock, Louise Murray, UNC Charlotte; Charlene Pope, MedUnivSC; Guenter Nold, U. Dortmund; Margaret Maclagan, U. Canterbury; Alison Wray, U. Cardiff;  Ellen Ryan, McMaster U;  J B Orange, U. Western Ontario; Nancy Green, UNC Greensboro, Danielle Ripich, MedUniv New England; Tsai Shu-Chiao, Kaohsiung Univ Applied Sciences; Joel Stocker, Kaohsiung Medical University; Lisa Russell-Pinson, Linguistica; , Peyton Mason, Linguistic Insights; Jeutonne Brewer, emerita UNC-G ; Mary Smith, Central Piedmont ; Camilla Lindholm, U. Helsinki; Jennifer Davidson, The Haven at Highland Creek        

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  • National Alzheimer Association Grant, PI 2005-09: Culturally sensitive materials for training NAs about communication with people having dementia: workplan;  minutes & Annual reports: Year 1 ; Year 2.; Year 3. Target: second-language, cultural disparities reduction in dementia communication care
  • Retention, passrates skyrocket for NAs in 15+ courses using the materials ; see Reports above; NA training package approved by NC Nursing Registry; version for Nurses in third year; new text in process
  • Wider Dissemination in process
  • Handout, and power point: AlzDemCare Conf 2008
  • Poster, ACCH Conf 2007; APAMALL07 power point
  • NIH/NLM Carolinas Collection Grant 2007-10: preliminary announcement   Co-PI; Pope PI
  • Training materials may be used but are copyright and must be referenced  (c)HLS training/ppt 1;     training/cog-map2 ;   html-ppt;   html-map   
  •      ONZE: Using Transcriber Guide 7Oct08 developed by Robert Fromont, revised by Margaret Maclagan
  •      ONZEMiner Powerpoint overview, 19Oct07 developed by Margaret Maclagan
  • Investigator, VA Merit Grant 2008-11; Pope PI, Egede Co-PI. Racial Variations in Communication, Decision Making, & Diabetes Outcomes  Two-phase analysis of patient-provider interactional conversation, with cognitive mapping and stance analysis of embedded narratives as follow-up; to reduce disparities.
  • Investigator, 2008-09 MUSC-CoN Diabetes ER Narratives, Pope PI; Investigator 2009-10 Telemedicine Narratives  
  • Pauses and formulaic language in Alzheimer's Discourse w/M.Maclagan: see NWAVE poster; articles and collection on Pauses, Fillers and Placeholders in Discourse of impaired and non-impaired, forthcoming; Powerpoint, 2007 IPrA Panel on Pauses & Fillers in AlzDiscourse. Articles in 2008 Phraseology (ed Meunier/Granger) and American Journal of Alzheimer Disease & Other Dementias (2009)
  • Gait/conversation pilot completed 2008; write-up, further submissions in process.
  • Stance and computer-assisted stance shift analysis of constrained or task-based talk in medical & legal settings: (PsychCrime&Law; ftf/online focus groups and interviews in health care; oncology; dementias [JAdvRsch, Handbk RschCMC; CancerComm &Aging];  abstracts at: www dot Linguistic-Insights dot com
  • STORIES Curriculum: caregiver training implemented @ The Haven; Southminster; The Place at South Park; proposals in process targeting vulnerable populations, cultural disparities

  • Spring 2009: WldLit: Voices of the Elders
  • Fall 2008: Language, Culture, Society
  • Spring 2008 Language, Health & Aging
  • Fall 2007 Introduction to Language
    Spring 2007 Language, Health and Aging Spring 2007 Research Seminar
  • Spring 2006 Spr2006 Language Communication and Dementia (power points, handouts.,viasyllabus); Research Seminar,
  • Fall 2006 IntroToLanguage; World Lit, Olness
    Current Team papers, presentations, and publications -- under construction
  • Consent and Evaluation forms for main and related projects; related links for dementia & disabilities



International Journal of Alzheimer's Disease; Ageing & Society; Language in Society; Journal of Sociolinguistics








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