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New Media: Gender, Culture, Ideology

Syllabus (PDF)
Access to Moodle (some readings)

***Hybrid course***
Online-only dates highlighted green

Week One

July 1st: Introduction to the class

July 2nd: New Media–A Democratizing Technology or a Technology of Democracy?

  • Media
  • Culture
  • Rhetoric of Technology

July 3rd:Public Sphere and Cultural Values

You should begin reading Malpas, Simon. The Postmodern. London: Routledge, 2005.

No Class--July 4th or 5th

Week Two

July 8th: Cultural Constructions/Social Institutions
Remeber, you should be reading Malpas’s The Postmodern

  • Cultural Studies
  • Marxist Theory (an introduction)

July 9th: The Medium is the Message

July 10th: Convegence Culture

  • Jenkins Class Discussion Leading: Mark T.

July 11th: Introduction to Postmodernism

  • Critical Analysis of Technology DUE

Week Three

July 15th: Media and War Coverage

  • Baudrillard Class Discussion Leading: Dymilah

July 16th: Who shapes reality? Well, I see it on TV, so it must be…

July 17th: Capitalist Realism…and possibly ZOMBIES!!!

  • Fisher Class Discussion Leading: Brian
  • Base of American Culture
  • Giddens’s Theory of Structuration

July 18th: Patriarchy, an introduction

  • Steinem–Currency of Younger Women
  • Le Guin–The default sex
  • McRobbie–Feminism is not a monolithic concept

Week Four

July 22nd: The Beauty Myth

  • Movie: Killing Us Softly 4
  • Naomi Wolf

July 23rd: The Social Construction of Sexuality

  • Heteronormativity
  • Sex work Vs. Work

July 24th: Psychoanalysis, an introduction

  • Mulvey Class Discussion Leading: Toreka
  • Mulvey on the Male Gaze
  • “Realism” in video games

July 25th: Compulsory Heterosexuality

  • Adrinenne Rich on Social Constructions of Sexuality
  • Messages to Boys and Girls…

Week Five

July 29th: Performativity and Gender Roles

  • Critical Media Analysis DUE
  • Butler Class Discussion Leading: Tiffini
  • Gender Performance
  • Music Videos to make us think about gender roles

July 30th: Culture of Violence

July 31st: Work on Final Project and Presentation

August 1st: TBA

Week Six

August 5th: Presentation Workshop                  

August 6th: Last Day of Summer Session 2 Classes

August 7th: Final Exam Day--Presentations
                 6:30-9:00pm***Slightly longer class



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