Ali Ayed Algarni

Ph.D Student
College of Computing and Informatics

My name is Ali Ayed Algarni. I am PhD student in Dept. of Software and Information Systems at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I started my PhD program this semester. I work in the field of Data Mining and Health Infromatics. it includes different areas such as Big Data, Biomedical data and machine learning. I am supervised by Dr.Lixia.

I am from Saudi Arabia. I am married and have two kids. I have been in different places in The United States which is Phildelphia, NYC, Niagara, Florida, Maryland and Washington DC. I like to spend my time in reading, watching soccer, traveling and outdoor recreation.

About reading, I like to expand new developments and novel achievements in the field of Information and Computer Science. My area is data management like data mining, big data, databases and data warehouses. My goal is to link these technolgies with healthcare system to analyze medical data which leads to great healthcare improvements. I also like to learn about different programming language used in data analysis like R language and other languages tools that have progressive development in biomedical data handling(e.g. "biopython" in Python and "bioJava" in Java). I also worked in data analysis in cybersecurity and how to mine network log to predict about occurrence of attack, and what type of attack if its happened

Outside my major, I like to read about history and culture, I like to watch documentary and wild live films, and exercise in math and probabilities problem solving. In general, othersides (scientific or not) in the life that give me new knowledge is part of my identity.