Weichao Wang

Weichao Wang

Associate Professor
Department of SIS

Weichao Wang

Associate Professor
Department of Software and Information Systems
College of Computing and Informatics
University of North Carolina at Charlotte


Room 333C, Woodward Hall
9201 University City Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28223
Phone: (704) 687-7987
Email: weichaowang at uncc.edu

The research interests of Weichao Wang are in designing protocols and mechanisms to secure pervasive systems, wireless networks, cloud computing environments, and critical infrastructures. The investigation focuses on integrating multi-disciplinary schemes with network techniques to prevent and detect various attacks and to enforce security and privacy in such environments. He is also very interested in security education for both students and working professionals. His research is supported by NSF, the Department of Labor, Duke Energy, and UNC Charlotte.

Weichao received his Ph.D degree in Computer Science from Purdue University in 2005. He also holds Master's Degrees in Computer Science from Purdue University (2002) and Tsinghua University (2000), and the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from Tsinghua University (1998).

Current Graduate Students:
  • Md Morshed Alam, provenance of CPS systems;
  • Sultan Alasmari, security of intelligent health systems;
  • Anibal Robles Perez, intelligent transportation systems;
  • Manoj Pammina, AR systems;
  • Gabon Williams, SDN networks;
Previous members of my research group:
  • Xiongwei Xie, Ph.D., UNCC, 2017. Google.
  • Rodney Owens, Ph.D., UNCC, 2013. Network Security Division at Yadkin Valley Telephone.
  • Zhiwei Li, Ph.D., UNCC, 2012. Start-up at CA.
  • Abhinav Kumar, MSc, UNCC, 2019.
  • Ruoshan Qin, MSc, UNCC, 2017.
  • Qing Guo, MSc, UNCC, 2016.
  • Siming Deng, MSc, UNCC, 2015.
  • K. C., MSc, UNCC, 2011. One of those three-letter agencies.

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