ETEE1212 AC Circuits

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Chapter 13

Homework # 1 : Sinusoidal Alternating Waveforms

Chapter 14

Homework # 2 : Response of basic elements
Homework # 3 : Power, power factor, phasors
Homework # 4 : Complex number manipulation

Chapter 15

Homework # 5: Impedance, Phasor diagrams, Series Connection
Homework # 5A: Miscellaneous - Node, Mesh, Delta-Y, Superposition, Thevenin

Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Homework # 8A , Hints : Node and Mesh with Dependent sources

Chapter 18
Homework # 9A , Hints : Superposition, Thevenin with Dependent Sources
Homework # 10A : Maximum Average Power Theorem

Chapter 19
Homework # 12 , Hints : Power in AC circuits 
Homework # 13 , Hints : Power factor correction 

Chapter 21
Homework # 14 , Hints : Mesh current with mutual inductance
Homework # 15 , Hints : Ideal Transformers

Three phase Sysems
Homework # 3P1 : 3 phase homework 1
Homework # 3P2 : 3 phase homework 2

Chapter 20
Homework # 16 : Series Resonance


Reading material about Three-Phase Circuits: Click Here.


The Mesh Current Method, plus Special Cases
The Node Voltage Method, plus Special Cases
A few more node and mesh examples

Ohm's Law, Voltage Divider Rule, Current Divider Rule
Independent and Dependent Sources
Source Transformations

The Method of Superposition
The Thevenin Equivalent Circuit

Dr. Sharer's notes on Cramer's Rule
Solving Simultaneous Linear Equations (needed for Node and Mesh analysis)


If I screw something up in class, this section is for "screwing it down again". Or if I felt something wasn't very clear, I can make it clearer here.