Family Photographs

mama Tomasz Kijewski my photo my sister Malgosia Gozdawa-Gizycka Pawel my photo my mother with parents and friends Wiktoria and Bartek Huk Kailey (my grandniece)
my cousin my uncle teaching Alex my photo my father my father my grandfather Family in Vienna My uncle Wladek Kudelski with his grantdaughter Wiktoria Wladek Kudelski (my uncle)
Krysia Jan Kudelski Emeryk (my uncle) my grandmother my great-aunt my great-uncle Alek my great-uncle Madga Gibson Basia Kudelska
magda sister of my father Felicja Nowak Felicja Nowak Wiktoria Mastyj with Children Adam Sroka Ania Adam Ras Wladek and Basia Kudelski with her sister my great grandfather
Stasia Krysia Tomasz Kijewski Ania my great grandfather My cousin Ania Kudelska-Huk with her daughter Wiktoria

My Mother Helena Rasiowa

my mother my mother my mother my mother my mother my mother my mother my mother

MRR 2005 Workshop, in Warsaw, Poland

My Grandaunt Alina

alina10.jpg alina11.jpg alina12.jpg alina13.jpg alina5.jpg

Family House


The house where my father lived