Knowledge Discovery in Databases - KDD

Prerequisites: ITCS6160, full graduate standing or content of the department.
Textbook: "Introduction to Data Mining", by Pang-Ning Tan, Michael Steinbauch, Vipin Kumar, Addison Wesley.

Course Syllabus


Association Rules

Association Rules (Video by L. Powell)

Classification Trees

Classification Trees(Video by L. Powell)


Granular Computing

Reducts and Discretization

Reducts(Video by L. Powell)

Discretization(Video by L. Powell)

Mining Incomplete Data

Action Rules and Meta-Actions

Chase Algorithms

Sample Problems (Midterm Exam)

Midterm Exam

Solutions to Midterm Exam

Action Rules Extraction Using Action Reducts

Clustering Methods

TV Trees


Clustering - Sample problems

Evaluation Methods

Chase II Algorithm (for incomplete datasets)

Collaborative Query Processing

Sample Problems

Data Sanitization

Example-Data Sanitization

Temporal DB Mining

Business Analytics

Sample Problems I

Sample Problems II with Solutions

Sample Problems III

Sample Problems (Final Exam)

Project and LISp-Miner
You should submit the project report and the dataset you created by email to:
Yuehua Duan at [] and Aileen Benedict at [].
Deadline to submit: April 30 (Thursday), 2020

Midterm: March 12
Final (WebEx): May 7 (Thursday), 8:00-11:00am
Points: 30 points Test, 30 points Final, 40 points Project

Grades: A [90-100], B [80-89], C [65-79].
Final grades B, C can be replaced by Pass grade.

Class Location: Woodward 140
Meeting Time: Thursday, 8:30-11:15am

Instructor:       Zbigniew W. Ras

Location: Woodward Hall 430C
Telephone: 704-687-8574
Office Hours (Woodward 430C): Thursday: 11:30am-1:00pm

GTA:       Yuehua Duan

Location: KDD Lab. (Woodward Hall 402)
Telephone: 704-687-8546
Office Hours (Woodward 402): Tuesday, Thursday: 1pm-3pm

Lisp Miner(by Jan Rauch)

Lisp Miner Manual(by Jan Rauch's Student)

Rough Set Exploration System (RSES)

Bratko's ORANGE

Random Forests


More software for data mining

Repository of large datasets


Extracting Rules from Incomplete Table

Lance & Williams Distance

Sample Problems for Midterm Exam