Jianping Fan, PhD 1997, Professor

Jianping Fan Jianping Fan

Jianping Fan Teaching: Fall 2018

  • ITCS4122: Visual Analytics
  • Jianping FanResearch Interests:

  • Large-Scale Plant Species Identification
  • Visual Recognition in Construction Sites for Fall Protection
  • iPrivacy: Privacy-Preserving Image Sharing
  • Statistical Machine Learning for Large-Scale Visual Recognition
  • Low-Level Vision: Automatic Image/Video Analysis
  • Jianping FanServices:

  • Meta PC for ACM Multimedia 2010; PC members for SIGIR 2010; Multimedia Modeling 2010; Pacific-Rim Conference on Multimedia (PCM) 2010; Intl Conf. on Internet Multimedia Computing and Service (ICIMCS) 2010; and others.
  • Editor Board: International Journal of Multimedia Data Engineering and Management; Advances in Multimedia; Reports in Medical Imaging.
  • Jianping Fan Representative Publications

    Jianping FanCurrent PhD Students:

    I am looking for motivated PhD students!

    Jianping FanAlumnis:

  • Chunlei Yang ; Ning Zhou ; Yi Shen
  • Hangzai Luo ; Yuli Gao ; Zhong Li
  • Yuefei Guo; Yujie Zhang; Zongmin Li
  • Jianping FanConnection Information:

    Department of Computer Science, UNC-Charlotte, Charlotte, NC 28223, USA.
  • Email: jfan AT uncc DOT edu; Phone: 704-687-8556; Fax: 704-687-3516
  • Jianping FanI am Christian and worship at:

    Charlotte Chinese Baptist Church