Florence Martin

Professor in Instructional Systems Technology


Instructional Design Projects

Here are the projects that I have worked on over the last few years as an Instructional Technologist. Click on the icon to read the detailed project description.

Business & Industry Projects/ Academic Projects

Projects from University of Phoenix where I worked for 6 months from Februar 2007 to July 2007 wiht the Graduate School of Business & Administration Management. The curriculum was redesigned by designing well-aligned objectives and assessments. Bloom's

Projects from Business & Industry Institute, Mesa Community College. Working as the Instructional designer on a couple of projects, 1) Digital Visual Literacy project as part of the NSF grant 2) Development of Curiculum of different streams (ESL, Teacher Training, Health care professionals) to the audience in China

Projects from Intel Corporation. I worked with Intel on a short term project from Feb 2005- May 2005. I worked on the design and development of a Web based Course for a Project Management Tool. This course was created on the Intel Learning Network

Projects from Applied Learning Technologies Institute at Arizona State University. I worked as a Graduate assistant during Summer 2004 and Summer 2005 and also worked as an Instructional designer during Jan2005-Feb 2005. I have worked on a variety of projects while I worked for them

Projects from Cisco Learning Institute. I did an Internship with CLI during the Summer of 2003 (May 2003- August 2003). Worked on the design and development of two web based courses using CLI Virtuoso


Academic Projects from Arizona State University

Print design - Designed and Developed Print material on teaching HTML for beginners, ABC of HTML

Web design - Designed and Developed an Instructional Website for seniors on home safety using Macromedia Dreamweaver

Web based Instruction -Know Your Computer was an instructional program designed using Macromedia Dreamweaver. This was designed for computer literacy students to teach them the hardware of the computer

Computer based Instruction - Designed and Developed an Instructional Program for Non-art majors on Painting Styles using the authoring tool, Macromedia Authorware 6.5

Hypermedia - Designed and Developed an Instructional module on ID components using Director MX, explaining five components each from he five phases of the ADDIE Module (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation).

Needs Assessment - Conducted Needs Assessment for re-design of Instructional Media Design Course. Designed and Developed prototype materialfor blended delivery of the Course. Also, Conducted Needs Assessment on Integration of Technology in Classroom for Mountain Pointe High School, Phoenix

Evaluation - Evaluation of a Computer Literacy Course based on Content and Skills and Strategies. Computer Literacy is an undergraduate course taught at Arizona State University

Human Performance Technology - Participated in the Technology Assisted Project based Instruction (TABPI) Rollout. Identified potential barriers to effective design and development of 20 online high school courses in the Tempe Union High School District.