Melanie D. Spencer, Ph.D. Student

Bioinformatics and Genomics




9201 University City Blvd.

Bioinformatics Building Room 302C

Charlotte, NC 28223

Research Interests

Intestinal microbes utilize nutrients and product metabolites that influence a wide range of human phenotypes, but the mechanisms underlying the relationships between microbes and host health remain poorly characterized.  To begin to address the question of how human microbiota influence health, my research has focused on characterizing metagenomic systems in humans and in mouse models to evaluate the role of specific gut microbes and of the microbial community as a whole.  The results from our human gut microbiota study, which demonstrated an association between gut microbes, host genotype and fatty liver development, have been pivotal in shaping my future research plans.  I hope to continue investigating the mechanisms of host-microbe interactions and their relationship to chronic disease.  By pursuing these questions, my work can contribute to the tremendous potential for microbial interventions that may significantly improve human health.

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