Amar Saric, PhD


Computer Science

University of North Carolina at Charlotte




Saric, A., Xiao, J., and Shi, J.
Robotic Surface Assembly via Contact State Transitions
IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering, Madison, Wisconsin, 2013.
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Ganguly, A.R., Whitmeyer, J.M., Omitaomu, O.A., Hadzikadic, M., Gilman, P., Brecke, P.K., Khouja, M.J.,
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Towards a Characterization and Systematic Evaluation Framework for Theories and Models of Human,
Social, Behavioral, and Cultural Processes within Agent-Based Models

Managing Complexity: Practical Considerations in the Development and Application of ABMs to Contemporary Policy
Challenges, Springer 2013.

Saric, A. and Xiao, J.
Efficient Levenberg-Marquardt Minimization of the Cross-Entropy Error Function
IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, San Jose, California, 2011.

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Alternative Formulas for Rating Prediction Using Collaborative Filtering
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Technical Reports


Fernandez, S., Ganguly, A., Middleton, E., Rose, A., Coleman, P., Omitaomu, O., Jiao, Y., Hadzikadic, M., Eichelberger, C.,
Carmichael, T., Khouja, M., Rutherford, J., Saric, A., Sun, M., Whitmayer, J., Breke, P., Voorheis, P., McLean,
T., Armstrong, M., Gilman, P., and O'Maonaigh, H.,
Actionable Capability for Social and Economic Systems (ACSES)
ORNL/TM-2008/088, Technical Report, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 2008.