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Charlotte Visualization Center

Research Assistant Professor

Computer Science Department

UNC Charlotte

435A Woodward Hall

9201 University City Blvd,

Charlotte, NC 28223-0001

Tel: +1 704 687 7989

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Recent Publications (2013)

Derek Xiaoyu Wang is an Associate Director of the Charlotte Visualization Center who leads the scalable visual analytics research in structured and unstructured data (text and images). Derek is also an Entrepreneur who commercializes cloud-based visual-text-analytics technologies for businesses. He focuses on delivering interactive decision-support-and-predictive systems that produces actionable knowledge and strategic learning for domain decision makers. Derek is currently working on a holistic semantic analytics engine that integrates domain-specific data, demographics data, and social media data with scalable data analytics and visualization platforms, and further provides targeted knowledge to diverse segments of the populations, from analysis professionals and policy makers to researchers and the community at large.

Research Focuses:


ARO: Signal Analytics Metrics for Social Media

5/01/2013 – 4/30/2016

DTRA: Visualization and Analysis of the Emergence, Evolution, and Spread of Pathogens 1/14/2014 – 1/14/2015

ERDC: Data-driven Methods for Identifying Emerging Topics and Trends 08/31/2013 – 2/14/2014

ARO: SOCOM 10/31/2013 – 4/14/2014

Predictive Analytics–Financial Fraud Analytics 10/31/2013 – 4/14/2014

NSF:CyberSEES: Type2: Enabling Sustainable Civil Infrastructure Using Interactive Formal Analytics for Structural Health Diagnosis 9/01/2013 – 8/31/2015

DOT: Reliable Transportation Systems

Investigators 9/01/2012 – 8/31/2014

RiskVA: A visual analytics system for consumer credit risks analysis

Wang, X., Dong, H. Jeong, Remco, C., and Ribarsky, W.

Tsinghua Science & Technology Journal.17(4):pp1–16, August 2012 [PDF]

I-SI: Scalable architecture of analyzing latent topical-level information from social media data
Wang, X., Dou, W., Butkiewicz, T., Bier, E.A., and Ribarsky, W.
EuroVis 2012 Computer Graphics Forum.

HierarchicalTopics: Visually exploring large text collections using topic hierarchies.
Wenwen Dou, Xiaoyu Wang, Li Yu, and William Ribarsky.
IEEE Transactions in Visualization and Computer Graphics (IEEE VAST 2013), 2013.

Tag-Latent Dirichlet Allocation: Understanding Hashtags and Their Relationships
Zhiqiang Ma, Wenwen Dou, Xiaoyu Wang, Srinivas Akella
Web Intelligence 2013: 260-267

Towards a Visual Analytics Framework for Handling Complex Business Processes
William Ribarsky, Xiaoyu Wang, Wenwen Dou, and William Tolone
Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) 47, 2014

Less After-the-Fact: Investigative Visual Analysis of Events from Streaming Twitter
Thomas Kraft, Xiaoyu Wang, Jeffery Delawder, Wenwen Dou, Li Yu, William Ribarsky
The 3rd IEEE Symposium on Large Data Analysis and Visualization, 2013