Related Publications 

Applications for Analytics-Driven Human-Computer-Interaction

                        Solving Societal Problem, One Visual Analytics System at a Time

Finding Business Information by Visualizing Enterprise Document Activity

Wang X., Janssen, W., Bier, E.  --20% acceptance rate

SIGCHI Advanced Visual Interface 2010, Rome Italy. [PDF]

VAST 2011 Challenge Award: High Potential for Scalability.

Team UNC Charlotte: Harrison, L., Dou, W., Lu, A., Ribarsky, W. and Wang, X.

VAST Challenge 2011

ParallelTopics: A Probabilistic Approach to Exploring Document Collections

Dou, W., Wang, X., Chang, R., and Ribarsky, W.

IEEE VAST 2011, October, Providence IR, USA. [PDF]

Leadline: Interactive visual analysis of text data through event identification and exploration

Dou, W., Wang, X., Skau, D. Ribarsky, W., and Zhou, M.

IEEE VAST 2012, October, Seattle. [PDF]

RiskVA: A visual analytics system for consumer credit risks analysis

Wang, X., Dong, H. Jeong, Remco, C., and Ribarsky, W.

Tsinghua Science & Technology Journal.17(4):pp1–16, August 2012 [PDF]

I-SI: Scalable architecture of analyzing latent topical-level information from social media data
Wang, X., Dou, W., Butkiewicz, T., Bier, E.A., and Ribarsky, W.
EuroVis 2012 Computer Graphics Forum.

Dimension reduction and visualization of biomechanical motion using ISOMAP (PDF)

Spurlock, S., Chang R. , Wang, X. , Arceneaux, G., and  Souvenir, R.

ISVC 2010, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

iMonitor: Architecture of Web-based Collaborative Visual Analytics system for Bridge Management

Wang, X.,Chen, S.E., Hauser, E. and Ribarsky, W.

Transportation Research Board 89th Annual Meeting. Washington DC, USA

IRSV, an Integrated Visual Analytics Bridge Management System

Chen, S.E., Wang X., Rashna, V., Dou, W., Lee, S.W., Change, R., Hauser, E., Tolone, W., and Ribarsky, W.

Transportation Research Board 89th Annual Meeting. Washington DC, USA

Using visualization to support network and application management in a data center

Fisher, D., Maltz, D., Greenberg, A., Wang, X. , Warncke, H., Robertson, G.,, and Czerwinski, M.

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The Role of Blackboard-based Reasoning and Visual Anlytics in RESIN’s Predictive Analytics

Liu, D., Yue, J, Wang, X., Raja, A., and Ribarsky, W.

Proceedings of 2008 IEEE/ WIC/ ACM International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology. Page 508-511. Sydney, Australia. Dec 9-12. 2008

Investigative Visual Analysis of Global Terrorism

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A Linked Feature Space Approach to Exploring LIDAR Data

Harrison, L., Butkiewicz, T., Wang, X., Ribarsky, W., and Chang, R.

SPIE Visual Analytics for Homeland Defense and Security 2010, Orlando Fl. USA