Brief Description of Teaching

My teaching at UNC-Charlotte has spanned 5 different areas as covered by the following courses:

CSCI 2161: Information/Data Structures

CSCI 3134: Text and Image Processing

ITCS 3153: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

CSCI 5010: Introduction to Robotics (topic course)

ITCS 6050/8050: Robotic and Haptic Interaction (topic course)

ITCS 6150/8150: Intelligent Systems

ITCS 6151/8151: Intelligent Robotics

ITCS 6111/8111: Evolutionary Computation

CSCI 5152: Computer Vision

CSCI 6050: Planning and Programming of Sensory Robots (topic course)

CSCI 6114: Algorithms and Advanced Data Structures

CSCI 6134: Digital Image Processing
I taught CSCI 2161 both on Campus and at IBM Charlotte. I proposed and taught a graduate-level Introduction to Robotics at the MCNC TV network of North Carolina. The two new graduate-level courses that I proposed: Intelligent Robotics and Computer Vision , are now regularly scheduled.

I have supervised senior projects in the areas of 2D and 3D computer graphics, databases, intelligent systems, robotics, and computer vision.

I have supervised Ph.D.and Master theses and Master projects in the areas of compliant motion planning, contact state reasoning, real-time robot motion planning, geometric computation, haptics, intelligent agents/computer animation, knowledge representation and application in robotics, learning and manipulation, mobile robot planning and navigation, manipulator control and sensor-based planning, machine vision application, neural network applications, optimization and evolutionary computation., Jan. 2008