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You can see pictures of me, Okan and me, some of my friends, and some beautiful pictures of Turkey.

  • Dad & the kids (Christmas 1999)

  • Lance Hid, on the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary

    It's too big to load here, but it's possibly the best I've ever taken.

  • The Danube River north of Budapest

  • The main building of the Technical University of Budapest

    Walkway Roof

    Purple Hat,
    I believe this is,
    by Gustav Klimt.

    Those lips,
    must be so beautiful
    as her cheeks
    by the brisk night air.

    I wonder
    what she's thinking of,
    her eyebrows arched so.

    That last, lost kiss,
    I know.

    - Tiffany Barnes 5/31/96

    Here're some pictures I found in the Web Museum.


  • Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh


  • Danae by Gustav Klimt


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