Introduction to Computer Game Design and Development
Spring 2005

Course Description:

This course will introduce basic topics related to the design and development of computer games. It is based on the course CS 4455 Video Game Design, offered at Georgia Tech by Chris Shaw. Use of his materials is with permission.


March 24, 2005
Those interested in the Game2Learn project (for teaching CS using games) may join the group by sending email to

March 23, 2005
Advising is from Marh 18-April 8. Web registration starts April 4. You cannot register until your advisor removes your advising flag. If you can not schedule an appointment with your advisor, the Computer Science Dept has advising Mar 28-31 from 5-7 pm. Sign up at the entrance to Kennedy 1 day in advance of your appointment. COIT will cancel any class with insufficient preregistration.

The COIT will award several scholarships for 2005-2006. Applications are available in the Computer Science Dept. For questions, please contact Dr. Lejk.

March 17, 2005
Login to the Peer Grading System to submit your Project Part 3 electronically by March 22.

You will then review each others submissions online through the same site (DUE MAR 24). Each team has a login, which was emailed to each student on March 18.

Feb 1, 2005
Game Proposal Critique Assignment Guidelines posted.


Team #Team NameNamesType
1 Future Combat Jonathan Jackson, Matthew Johnson, Raj Inujala, Amy Ulinski, Mike Eagle 2-player VR
2 Seg Fault * Chris Wilkinson, Carl Nettles, Clif Sweeney, Kevin Sturgill, Johnny Hopkins Networked Poker
3 Team Evolution Rachel Beers, Jonathan Champ, Priyesh Dixit, John Filippi, Joshua Palmer, Brian Ingles RPG
4 Padded Room Prod. Drew Linderman, David Markham, Michael Pisarsky, Raymond Whiting Half-Life2 based FPS, Capture the Flag
5 SquareSock * Eve Powell, Tim Smith, Peter Tran, Mike Yang, Carlo Yuen Side-Scrolling RPG
6 Pacman's Revenge Luan Doan, Kheuangkham Khoumrasmy, Othell Moore, Subhir Rao, Casey Paver 3D Arcade
7 3D Breakout Brandon Bush, Ryan Dayton 3D Arcade
8 Team Sniper Amanda Chaffin, Michael Magee, John Paul Stewart Half-Life2 based First Person Shooter
9 Emu Games Jim Junkin, Chezarae Ramos, Tavaris Rodgers, Andrew Conard, Alex Godwin Arcade Simon