Introduction to Game Design and Development
Fall 2006

Course Description:

This course will introduce basic topics related to the design and development of computer games.


Dec 7, 2006
The Game Final is posted, and is due Thursday, December 14, at 5 pm.

Oct 17, 2006

Oct 3, 2006
Your design specs are due before class on October 12, 2006. Be sure to make your design specs address all valid points from reviews. Do not worry - this is a working document so you can still make changes but you must have worked out the basic gameplay for your players, and you must have met with students from the Maya class. Please fill out the Scheduling survey to work out schedules, I will post results here ASAP.

Download all reviews here.

If you have not done so, please join the Yahoo! Group.
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September 25, 2006
Assignment 4 is your game critiques - due Sep 28, 2006 at class time, in electronic format emailed to and with 2 paper copies due in class.

If you have not turned in Assignments 1-3, you must schedule a meeting with the instructor. These assignments will be accepted for a late penalty of 10% per day beginning after Tuesday, Sep 26, unless another agreement is worked out between you and the instructor. It is your responsibility to email to request an appointment to discuss your options.

Before asking for help from the TA, you must demonstrate your work on the homework. This includes:

  • The files for your project showing significant effort.
  • A screenshot showing the version of 3D GameStudio that you are using. If it is not 6.40.5 you should complete an update using the instructions at before asking for help.
  • A detailed description of any problems you are having, including the sequence of things you have tried, and reasons you believe the game not to be working.

September 7, 2006
Assignment 1 is now due absolutely no later than 4:00 P.M. on Monday, September the 11th. You can email with your program files or you can drop a disk off at Woodward 455.

August 24, 2006
Welcome to ITCS4230/5230-001, Introduction to Game Design and Development!