Tiffany Barnes

Tiffany Barnes

Associate Professor, Computer Science
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Curriculum Vitae


  • ITCS 2050: Beauty and Joy of Computing, Spr11, F11
  • ITCS 4238/5238: Serious Games Prototyping and Evaluation, Fall 2009, Fall 2011
  • ITCS 4231/5231: Advanced Game Design and Development, Spr09, Spr11, Spr12
  • ITCS 2175: Logic and Algorithms, F11, F10, F09, S09, S08
  • ITCS 4230/5230: Intro. to Game Design and Development, taught in F08, F06, F05, S05
  • ITCS 6159/8159: Intelligent Tutoring Systems, next offered Fall09, taught in F07, S06, F04
  • CICS1214: Introduction to Computer Science, taught in S07
  • Video Game Design Workshop, Summers 2005, 2006, 2008


  • Game2Learn: Building games to learn and teach computer science (NSF-Creative IT)
  • C-STARS: A collaboration with Ron Eglash to integrate Culturally Situated Design Tools with the STARS Alliance (NSF-BPC)
  • STARS Alliance: Broadening Participation in Computing (NSF-BPC)
  • Educational Data Mining for Student Modeling
  • Senior Projects are available for each of these projects


Global Game Jam!

At UNC Charlotte we have hosted Global Game Jam sites each year. Go see the games created at The Global Game Jam site and search the game browser for Charlotte. The 2009 games: Offspring, Willi Nilli, Chubz, Bunny Adventure?, Zimbie, and Hunter Horde. The 2011 games included Windows phone games and a teddy bear pillow fighting game.

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Information

Three of my students are NSF Graduate Research Fellows, three are NSF GRF Honorable Mentions, and one is a NASA Graduate Student Research Project Recipient. For info on applying for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, check out Unofficial NSF GRF advice site and NSF's program page.