Information Visualization

ITCS 6126/8126 - Fall 2008

Large Scale Information Visualization

Course Syllabus

Grading Policy

Course Schedule (updated September/30/2009)  

Course Slides and Assignments (Paper entries came from Google Scholar)

Week 1: 

Review: Multivariate visualization and applications (PDF)

Lecture: High dimensional data visualization (pdf)

Presentation Assignment 1: A special topic about parallel coordinates


Presentation Assignment 2: Scalable multivariate visualization techniques


Week 2: 

Design Contest Assignment 1 (due: Sep 23)

Project Assignment 1 (due: Oct 26)

Presentation Assignment 3: Temporal visualization techniques (doc) (due: Sep 14)


Week 3:

Lecture: Tree visualization techniques (pdf)

Week 4:

Lecture: Graph visualization techniques (pdf)

Presentation Assignment 4: Advanced Tree visualization techniques (doc) (due: Sep 21)


Presentation Assignment 5: Advanced Graph visualization techniques (doc) (due: Sep 30)


Week 5:


Design Contest Assignment 2 (doc) (due: Oct 26)


Week 6:


Lecture: Multidimensional visualization (pdf)


Presentation Assignment 6: Multi-Resolution Visualization (doc) (due: Oct 21)


Week 8:


Lecture: Interactions (pdf)


Presentation Assignment 7: Interactions (doc) (due: Oct 26)


Week 9: 

Presentation Assignment 8: Wall-sized, PDA, table top visualization etc (doc) (due: Nov 11)


Presentation Assignment 9: Evaluations (doc) (due: Nov 16)


Week 10:


Project Assignment 2 (due: Dec 9)


Week 11:


Presentation Assignment 10: visual sense making, collaborative visualization (doc) (due: Nov 18)


Presentation Assignment 11: uncertainty, quality visualization (doc) (due: Nov 23)