ITCS3166: Intro to Computer Networks, Fall 2016

Time & Loc.: R 3:30 pm - 6:15 pm, Woodward Hall 155
Instructor: Dr. Dazhao Cheng
Office: Woodward Hall
Office Hours: T 2:30pm-4:30pm, by appointments
Phone: 704-687-8381
Email: dazhao.cheng AT
Syllabus: PDF

Course Description

Computer networking is one of the most exciting and important technological fields of our time. The Internet and its applications and services, such as Web, email, Voice over IP, video-on-demand, mobile networks, etc., are changing the ways we live and work. The networking/Internet field and all that it enables is a vast new frontier, full of amazing challenges. There is always room for your innovation.

ITCS3166 covers fundamental computer networking concepts and principles with exercises which guide you to apply the networking theory and design principles, verify their understandings, and build a solid foundation for creating innovations in today's Internet. The course serves you two ways. For those undergraduate students who will continue in computer networking, it lays foundations of network architectures, protocol design principles, and TCP/IP programming skills, which are necessary to take more advanced courses in graduate study and/or technical training in the industry. For those not continuing in computer networking, it covers basic networking knowledge, network configuration and programming experience, and in-depth understanding of the inner-workings of computer networks and their evolution.


Required Backgrounds


Course Tentative Schedules

Projects and Reading

Exam Schedules

Grading Scale

 Percentage  Grade
 90-100  A
 87-90  A-
 84-87  B+
 80-84  B
 77-80  B-
 74-77  C+
 70-74  C
 65-70  D+
 60-65  D
 Below 60  E/F

Borderline cases will be resolved by student participation in class providing intelligent questions, informative comments, and constructive criticisms.

Grading Percentage

 In-class discussion and attendance: 3%
 Homework: 20%
 Projects and reading assignments: 20%
 Midterm: 20%
 Final Exam: 37%

The attendance policy is as follows: There will be about a few times of attendance check-up, randomly given in the semester. One absence is not counted. For each additional absence, the attendance percentage is reduced proportionally. Exceptions to this policy will be made only in extreme cases, due to circumstances beyond your control and which were unforeseen at the beginning of the semester (such as illness). You need to provide convincing evidence, such as letters from your doctors in case of illness. If you are aware of classes you will need to miss because of business/field trips, or athletic events, please discuss with the instructor in the beginning of the semester. If you arrive too late or leave early, you may be marked absent for that class.

Reading and Projects

Reading assignment(s) and project should be done in two-person teams; your teammate may possibly be designated by the instructor (based on random selection) before projects are released. A project might be done individually if a teammate is not available, but should be approved by the instructor in advance. Demos and reports for projects are required. See course Web site for more details about the projects. The projects are to explore some small extension to concepts we study in class. More details about the reading and projects will be available soon as the semester progresses. Students are required to do all projects.

Course Policy