Aidong Lu

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

+1 (704) 687-8570 (Tel)

Visualization and Visual Communication (ITCS4123 & ITCS5123)

This is an introduction course to visualization, visual communication, and visual analytics. We focus on how visualization techniques can be applied to various real-life applications, including personal visualization, social network visualization, health informatics, recommendation visualization, streaming visualization, etc.

Also, we will introduce immersive visualization and analytics, which is based on the latest technologies on mixed and virtual reality. The class will provide students opportunities to work with Oculus Rift (, design, develop, and evaluate visualization modules.

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Course format: Mixed lectures and student participations

Course projects: Design, implementation, and evaluation projects, survey paper, visualization critique, and paper presentation.

Textbook: No textbook. Online resources will be used.

Questions are welcome through email.