Aidong Lu

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
University of North Carolina at Charlotte

+1 (704) 687-8570 (Tel)

Illustrative Visualization (ITCS6124 & ITCS8124)

Illustrative Visualization is an introduction course to data science of many real-life datasets, such as networks, images, scientific datasets, geographical datasets, bioinformatics datasets, time-varying datasets, multivariate datasets, and streaming data. The course will cover the state-of-the-art of illustrative visualization techniques, which transform large-scale, complex datasets to succinct and informative visualization styles and preserve important data features at the same time.

We will provide a number of example applications to teach students how to solve data problems by designing, implementing, and evaluating effective visualization and visual analytics approaches.

Example topics:
D3 - web-based visualization
Immersive visualization
Time-varying visualization
Geo visualization
Streaming visualization
Animated visualization
network visualization
Point visualization
Line visualization
Visual analytics
Interaction design

The class will also provide students opportunities to work with Oculus Rift ( and Microsoft HoloLens (, design, develop, and evaluate visualization modules.

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Course format: Mixed lectures and student participations

Course projects: Design, implementation, and evaluation projects, survey paper, visualization critique, and paper presentation.

Textbook: No textbook. Online resources will be used.

Questions are welcome through email.